Hong Kong restaurant serves ‘Gudetama’ dim sum that vomits and poops


Apparently, the quintessential dim sum experience of just eating delicious dumplings and the like is a thing of the past. It’s all about pooping and throwing up your signature buns now – at least at the Hong Kong Dim Sum Icon restaurant.

According to Dramatic fever, Tsim Sha Tsui restaurant created Gudetama-inspired buns that escape from both sides on demand (thank god our bodily functions are not so easily manipulated).

If you don’t know who Gudetama is (educate yourself, fool), he’s an adorable little egg yolk that sits on a comfy egg-white bed, a character created in Japan – you guessed it.

Tap the cute little one in the face with your Dim Sum Icon chopsticks and he will start pouring a tasty yellow substance out of his mouth. Better yet, give her a cheeky squeeze on the other end and watch in wonder a delicious / disgusting looking brown substance come out of her bun hole.

If you’re not convinced by that description alone, check out this entertaining promotional video, where the leak is amplified by booming background music.


While old-school local haunts might be slow to embrace this modern take on a traditional gastronomic art form, they might regret their reservation. The buns have been a hit with teens and young adults, who have littered their Facebook and Twitter accounts with arguably hilarious videos of the little yellow relieving himself.

However, restaurants aimed at younger generations, like Dim Sum Icon’s new neighbor, YUM CHA, are embracing the concept of ‘Instagram-worthy food’. YUM CHA’s dim sum menu even includes their own vomit cream bread, even if he doesn’t poop right away (unlike Gudetama, or some Rugby Sevens partygoers).

Enjoy. If you can.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

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