Hong Kong Tourism Board launches standardized hygiene protocols


The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has launched a standardized list of hygiene protocols to provide a unified set of guidelines for tourism-related industries.

In partnership with the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA), the HKTB has developed health and safety rules that customers and visitors can easily recognize and understand to help prepare the region when inbound travel resumes.


“The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new normal to the tourism landscape, and public health and safety has become a priority for visitors,” said HKTB Chairman Dr. YK Pang. “Many international travel and tourism organizations have already implemented hygiene and anti-epidemic guidelines.”

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“Standardizing hygiene measures for each sector can send a message to visitors that different sectors in Hong Kong value their commitment to health and safety,” Pang continued.

The updated hygiene protocols will apply to shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, coach companies, tourist attractions, travel agencies and more. Participating businesses and outlets are required to comply with a series of anti-epidemic measures.

A dedicated website designed by HKQAA will upload details of companies after passing the assessment. Outlets can display a designated logo for recognition to show their commitment to the protocol.

“I am delighted that more than 1,800 companies and outlets expressed interest in the protocol when HKTB consulted with our business partners,” Pang said. “The HKTB will strengthen its promotion of anti-epidemic measures taken by the tourism industry and related sectors to establish a healthy and safe tourism image for Hong Kong and to enhance visitors’ confidence in traveling to Hong Kong.”

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