Hong Kong Tourist Board presents Sham Shui Po district through the lens of award-winning videographer


HONG KONG & LOS ANGELES – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Beyond the dazzling skyscrapers, vibrant nightlife and gastronomy of Hong Kong, there is Sham Shui Po, an eclectic neighborhood where tradition and modernity come together, and where every street corner breathes the very essence of everyday life.

Following on from its successful “Old Town Central” campaign last year, the Hong Kong Tourist Board (HKTB) has launched a new campaign showcasing Sham Shui Po as a neighborhood where visitors can experience all aspects of life. of Hong Kong in the most authentic local flavors. . Through a series of promotions, HKTB will showcase the fascinating features and offerings of Sham Shui Po. A number of locally recommended hiking routes will also be featured, complemented by themed decorations displayed at various locations to help visitors to discover the charm of Sham Shui Po.

“Travelers seek more in-depth travel experiences, and at Sham Shui Po, they can experience the authentic everyday life of Hong Kong residents,” said Bill Flora, director of HKTB-USA. “Sham Shui Po has a fascinating mix of traditional and trendy elements, with lots of cool and creative shops. In addition, there is Michelin star food, and a number of shopping streets and open air street markets with different themes, all of which provide a rewarding experience for visitors.

HKTB immerses visitors in the extraordinary and alluring bustle of Sham Shui Po with a fascinating two-minute time-lapse video titled Immerse yourself in Sham Shui Po like the locals do. Shot by local resident and award-winning videographer Alex Rodriguez, at the invitation of HKTB, the gripping film debuted today showcasing Sham Shui Po’s best-kept secrets from a gaai fong
(local resident) to a global audience of potential visitors.

Immerse yourself in Sham Shui Po like the locals do

The film depicts a typical day in the distinctive market community and begins as umbrellas grow on the stalls along the streets shortly after dawn. The buzz gathers as residents venture out to do their daily groceries. In the markets can be found a bewildering array of products besides fresh produce and roasted meat, such as vintage toys and antiques, colorful fabrics, the latest models of computers and much more. Famous for electronics, the open-air market on Apliu Street attracts local and foreign treasure hunters.

“Rue Apliu is a playground for all walks of life,” explains Rodriguez. “They sell all kinds of gadgets and electronic parts, used items and anything you can imagine. Even my first time-lapse gear was built from parts I bought here. After living here for six years, I still feel like a kid in a candy store in Sham Shui Po.

Capturing the scene of hungry diners lining up to eat dim sum in Mecca and Michelin-starred Tim Ho Wan, the film captures stacks of bamboo steamboats. The culinary exploration continues through many local restaurants and Michelin recommended street food stalls, including the very popular and silky tofu dessert from the Kung Wo Beancurd Factory, showing why Sham Shui Po is a magnet for foodies. .

The film then takes place at a more leisurely pace at the entrance to the Arli Star leather factory, where artisans draw inspiration from the exuberant contrasts of the neighborhood around them. The mellow vibe injected into the Classical Quarter by young dream hunters radiates through Tai Nan Street to Café Sausalito, where a live jazz performance provides an appropriate soundtrack to the vividly creative atmosphere.

The pace of life remains as hectic as dusk falls. Rodriguez’s video portrait ends in style at a dai pai dong, a traditional open-air restaurant where delicious Cantonese stir-fries are served and enjoyed with friends by the glow of the neon-lit streets.

Self-guided walks recommended by locals

Visitors can follow in Alex’s footsteps and enjoy for themselves the extraordinary and rewarding scenes captured in his remarkable film. HKTB offers an insider’s glimpse into authentic community exploration through a Sham Shui Po walking guide, featuring personal recommendations from local figures, making every traveller’s trip to this distinctly Hong Kong neighborhood an unforgettable experience. . The hiking guide provides visitors with the best things to see, eat, buy and do. Whether it’s walking into traditional temples built by early immigrants or lounging in cafes that bring new energy to the historic district, Sham Shui Po radiates the simple pleasures of travel.

The walking guide is available at: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/common/ebook/SSP_booklet_EN.pdf

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