Hong Kong Tourist Board Slammed For Spending $ 1.15 Million For Two-Minute Video | Advertising


This article, first published on March 24, was updated on March 25 with a statement the HKTB provided to the Asia-Pacific campaign (see below).

A two-minute video created by the Hong Kong Tourist Board for New Years Eve cost HK $ 9 million ($ 1.15 million), an HKTB official revealed at a government meeting.

The admission took place at a meeting of the Legislative Council’s Expert Group on Economic Development on Monday, March 22.

Panel members expressed outrage at the cost of the short clip (below), which consists mostly of text messages, such as “Happy New Year” and “Good Health” superimposed on what appears to be stock footage. of past fireworks. A panel member called the cost “offensive” and asked who came up with the idea.

Dane Cheng, executive director of the HKTB, said the money was intended not only for the production but also for the simulcast of the clip, and said he believed the effort was important to maintain the international profile of Hong Kong. Presumably, this is because many news organizations around the world feature montages of city skylines and fireworks as part of their New Year’s coverage. Cheng claimed that 110 news agencies used the clip, generating HK $ 60 million ($ 7.72 million) in promotional value.

Asia-Pacific Campaign received the following statement from the HKTB after the publication of this article:

The celebration of the Hong Kong New Year’s countdown is an international event that year after year attracts worldwide attention and acclaim. To maintain Hong Kong’s profile during the pandemic, we have made it clear in all of our prior communications with international media that we have adapted the event to an online format, welcoming the arrival of 2021 with a pre-produced video.

Speaking of the cost, the entire event cost around HK $ 9 million which included:

  • Hire an internationally renowned designer to create and produce the video;
  • Global promotion;
  • Live and relay broadcast arrangements for international media.

The event was broadcast by channels such as Dragon Television, Phoenix TV, Channel 8 in Singapore, TBS in South Korea, CNN and the BBC, reaching a global audience of over 5 million people and achieving an estimated advertising value of 60 million HK dollars.

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