Hong Kong Tourist Board to boost local hospitality


The Hong Kong Tourist Board (HKTB) has announced its work plan for the new year, defining a series of flexible strategies to prepare for the return of tourists and continue to support the local hotel industry.

Dane Cheng, Executive Director of HKTB, said, “In formulating our strategies for 2021/22, we have focused on two main areas. First of all, we saw the need to support trade and boost the atmosphere in Hong Kong, while ensuring the city’s continued visibility on the international scene ahead of the resumption of international travel.

“Second, we expect competition for tourists to be intense once the pandemic is over, with rival markets making great efforts to bring back visitors. The HKTB is therefore reserving resources for large-scale promotions to set Hong Kong apart from competing destinations. “

Cheng stressed that the HKTB will maintain a flexible approach and be careful in its use of resources as the pandemic continues.

Marketing budget for fiscal year 2021/22 of HK $ 1,138 million, including recurring funding.

Some of the short-term strategies are to boost local consumption and encourage Hong Kongers to explore the city. When the pandemic situation stabilizes, they plan to launch a new Spend-to-Redeem program, a “staycation” credit reward initiative.

In addition, the organization will launch a large-scale promotional platform called “Open House Hong Kong” when cross-border travel gradually resumes. The campaign will leverage two exclusive experiences and city-wide offerings to spark visitors’ desire to travel to Hong Kong.

For medium and long term strategies, which is one of the main goals of planning, for example, they will create and enhance a digital travel experience for visitors through a single electronic solution platform, and carry out a holistic review. Hong Kong tourism brand and positioning.

In terms of ongoing initiatives, organizations will continue to support trade members to accelerate business recovery.

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