Sustainability pioneers are shaking up the Hong Kong restaurant industry


Hong Kong has one of the most diverse restaurant industries in the region. From local cuisine to international flavors, the city is full of options. But a vibrant food scene also means a variety of sustainability challenges. “The important thing is that companies can act with the right support,” says Heidi Spurrell, CEO of Food Made Good HK. Food Made Good HK is a sustainability consulting firm that supports catering businesses and their operations. They also host the only sustainability F&B Awards in Hong Kong. Originally launched in the UK, the Food Made Good Awards have been running since 2012 and previous winners include British chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver and environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Held on November 24 for its second year in Hong Kong, the awards ceremony, sponsored by Henderson Land Group, recognized the industry’s achievements in sustainability over the past year. “The Food Made Good Awards recognize the best of tasty and sustainable cuisine in Hong Kong,” shares Spurrell. “They focused on [Food Made Good] members who have made great strides over the past year, from department stores to high-end restaurants, and we’re promoting those and their impacts, ”she adds.

Read below to learn more about Hong Kong’s F&B Sustainability Champions.

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