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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Four defendants in the Aegis restaurant vandalism case have been sentenced to four to six months in prison.

According to the court ruling, Lee Chao-hsin (李昭信) agreed to accept NT $ 30,000 (US $ 1,074) from a man named Chen Yen-lin (陳彥霖) and an anonymous Chinese benefactor in return. the orchestration of the restaurant vandalism, CNA reported Tuesday (Aug 24). Then, after spotting the location, Lee asked Mo Fan (莫 凡) to splash the restaurant with chicken feces while Lee Chao-ching (李昭慶) and Chiang Chi-jung (江啟榮) filmed the event disguised as clients.

While Mo Fan pleaded guilty to all charges, Lee Chao-hsin, Lee Chao-ching, and Chiang admitted all charges except the assault. All four have repeatedly expressed remorse throughout the proceedings and sought to settle the case through arbitration, CNA reported.

Their victim, the manager of the restaurant who suffered from conjunctivitis after being hit by excrement, expressed that she did not intend to settle by arbitration or out of court.

Chen Yen-lin, who is already wanted in Taiwan for another crime, fled to China before the attack.

The Taipei District Attorney’s Office arrested Mo Fan last October. (CNA photo)

The court found the defendants guilty of duress, aggravated public insult, destruction of property and assault, and convicted them of aggravated assault. The verdict can be appealed.

Lee Chao-hsin was sentenced to six months in prison, while the other three were sentenced to four months in prison.

Aegis opened last year in Da’an District in Taipei to provide employment opportunities for activists exiled from Hong Kong. Just six months after it opened, vandalism forced the restaurant to close for several days.

Early in the morning of August 20, Aegis announced the Facebook that a fire had broken out and caused serious material damage to the restaurant. It came just days after it was announced that its restaurant and beverage store had been closed due to mounting financial pressure from the three-month lockdown in Taiwan.

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