Vegan Beyond Burgers now at Disneyland Hong Kong hotels


Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel has new vegan options on the menu. It now serves vegans Beyond Burger and Beyond Sausage as well as Right Treat’s Omnipork.

Vegan meat is on a menu at Disney Explorers Lodge’s World of Color restaurant, which includes Pan-Fried Omnipork Hash Brown, a dish that combines grated potatoes with plant-based pork.

Made from a blend of pea, soy and shiitake mushroom protein, Omnipork is said to match real pork in flavor and texture. The meal is accompanied by grilled asparagus and saffron mayonnaise without eggs. Other dishes include rice paper rolls with vegan chicken and a soup of the day.

Vegan Chicken Rice Paper Rolls at Disneyland Hong Kong

At Walt’s Café at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, diners can order meatless baked sausage skewers with a side of cucumber yogurt or a vegan Beyond Burger grilled rice served with a side of vegetables.

At Crystal Lotus, there’s a choice of vegan versions of classic Chinese fare, including Sweet and Sour Omnipork, Mickey’s Ginseng Braised Omnipork Meatball Broth, Braised Omnipork, and Winter Melon Roll with Matsutake mushrooms, Omnipork with pickled vegetables and pan-fried Omnipork meatballs.

Vegan Beyond Burger at Walt’s Café at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Veganism in Hong Kong

According to Green Monday, a campaign similar to Meatless Mondays that aims to promote plant-based eating across Asia, there is growing interest in vegan foods in Hong Kong; 70% of residents want to eat vegan at least once a week.

“Vegetarians in Hong Kong are an important demographic that should not be overlooked,” Green Monday founder David Yeung said in a statement. He urged companies to add options tailored to changing eating habits.

“Businesses, hospitals and school canteens should incorporate a quarter of plant-based options into their menus to meet growing flexitarian demand – meeting the needs of a quarter of Hong Kong’s flexitarian population, according to the results of the ‘investigation “ Yeung continued

The new meatless dishes are now available at Disneyland Hong Kong.

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